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- Victor Zapata, Young Businessman of the Year

- Inaguration of the new headquarters

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Vice president Javier Caballero Martínez inaugurates the new headquarters of the company Navarcable in Peralta

Inauguración nueva sede Navarcable

August 6th, 2010

This morning, Javier Caballero Martínez, the first vice president and counselor of Presidency, Justice and Interior of the Government of Navarre, inaugurated the new headquarters of Navarcable S.L., a company specialized in the production of wiring harnesses for diverse applications. The new facilities are located in the industrial zone "El Escopar" in Peralta.

The recently opened factory, an addition of 3,200 sqm, required a total investment of 1.25 million Euros for its construction. At the same time Navarcable invested 350,000 Euros in latest generation equipment and machinery that will allow a much shorter serial production of wiring and can be adjusted to the demand of the clients.

The Government of Navarre subsidized part of the extension project that Navarcable developed over the last months. For 2010 the Government committed to provide a subsidy of 219,980 Euros for industrial investment - in addition to 119,789 Euros granted for investment and employment between 2002 and 2007. Furthermore, the company has applied for grants for business investment in a new project over the amount of 351.922,52 Euros, an initiative that is in its approval phase by the Department of Innovation, Business and Employment.

The opening of the new factory hall will enable the company to increase the number of employees, from 37 staff in the first quarter to 62 by the end of 2010. Currently there are 49 employees in different departments of the company.

Navarcable also predicts an increase in its revenue from the second semester of the year. The company expects to close the year with 3.5 million Euros in revenue, a 45% increase over the preceding period.

In addition to the vice president Javier Caballo, the inauguration was attended by the company’s associate founders, Víctor Zapata Alfaro and Miguel Angel Martínez from Navarre, as well as Begoña Urien Angle, general director of the Business Department of the Government of Navarre, Cristina Arcaya Sánchez, director of the Career and Employment Office of the Government of Navarre, and Juan Jesus Basarte Osés, mayor of Peralta, as well as other officials.

In his speech, vice president Caballo congratulated the members of Navarcable for their investment in the future at a time when "the there is still little light on the horizon". He emphasized that the project is providing "more employment, more wealth and more prosperity in Peralta and its surroundings, and consequently in the whole of Navarre".

In turn, Miguel Angel Martínez, one of the two associate founders of the company, thanked the autonomous executive for "all the support received". Martínez outlined the challenges that the company has been facing in this new phase, including entering the international stage, maintaining high quality standards and improving the production processes.

Since 2001

Since its foundation in 2001, Navarcable has specialized in the production of wiring harnesses for applications in sectors as diverse as transport, renewable energies, railroads, recreation, vending, construction, etc. It recently obtained the norm ISO 14.001 and, in 2005, implemented a management based on norm ISO 9.001.

The company, until now located at Avenida de la Paz, Peralta, is built on experience in the production and design of wiring for a diverse range of applications and uses technological equipment of the latest generation. The most notable acquisition was the recent addition of the Z 633 L to its machinery park - a machine with 36 guide pins that allows the cutting of different cables at high speed. The company also offers the client a range of services includes design consulting.

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